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Our Store Performance System helps stores do more with less by improving efficiency, decision making, and agility


Streamlined labor budgeting, sales goal planning, and performance monitoring


Automated schedule creation focused on driving efficiency and sales


Data-informed planning, execution, and optimization based on real-time performance 

“This is my number one Blue Chip”


“It’s a game changer”

– Store Manager

“Now we know HOW to grow”

– District Manager

“It’s a comp driving machine”

– VP Retail Operations

“A tool to unleash the power of our people”

– SVP Stores

Give your stores organization the tools they need to be more efficient, make smarter decisions, and improve agility

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Latest Resources 

July Store Operations Leaders Virtual Coffee Hour Recap: Creating Personalized Customer Interactions and Embracing Technology to Improve Employee and Customer Engagement

Store Operations Leaders from apparel, fashion, and consumer electronics retailers joined us for our third virtual coffee hour to discus sales, engagement, technology, and safety trends in the early days of store re-openings. 

July Retail Roundup

In this month's edition you'll see why the human touch still matters in retail, get a look inside day one of reopening for New York City's luxury retailers, and get an inside look at May's historic retail sales increases. Also included are some of Blueday's latest insights and resources including an invite to this month's webinar Measuring Store Performance in Turbulent Times: Defining Your Key Metrics in 2020 and Beyond featuring Store Operations veteran Chris Richardson. 

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