Welcome to the April edition of Bueday’s newsletter. This month we’re focusing on retail and shopper reaction to COVID-19. Read below to get a view into Nike’s COVID-19 playbook, learn how US consumer sentiment is changing during the crisis, and get a Store Operations leader’s perspective on where non-grocery retail could go once stores re-open. Also included is an invitation to our April webinar featuring Store Operations Council leader Cathy Hotka.

Can Nike’s playbook be copied?

Nike utilized a methodical approach to mitigate COVID-19 related losses in China. RetailWire provides an overview of their approach and how practical it would be for other retailers to use that approach. Read here.

COVID Survey: US consumer sentiment

Consumer sentiment is changing rapidly during this crisis. McKinsey provides an initial analysis of US consumer sentiment in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis. Read here.

Where Does Retail Go?

The Effective Retail Leader blog provides an insider perspective on what customer expectations and store operations will look like for non-essential retailers after COVID-19. Read here.

Cathy Hotka to provide an insider’s analysis on how stores can succeed post COVID-19

Pulling from her industry knowledge, as well as her conversations with Store Operations Council members, Cathy Hotka will provide her insider analysis on the best ways stores can deliver an experience that delights both customers and finance in a retail era that will feature less traffic and resources.