Retail Operations is challenged to ensure that the brick-and-mortar channel is profitable and set up for success. The key to delivering profit  and success  is to ensure that all members of the Stores organization have the proper tools to get the most out of their number 1 expense: store labor.  

Trusted by leading retailers, Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite helps members of the Stores organization make the best decisions to optimize store labor spend. By finetuning their labor budgets, schedules, and daily action plans, our customers are experiencing over 5% increases in store sales without any additional labor spend. 

Learn how Blueday helps Retail Operations ensure the success of the brick-and-mortar channel.  

Ensure each store in the fleet is meeting sales and margin goals 

Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite provides the Stores organization with the tools to position each store in the fleet for success. From helping Finance and Retail Operations set the right labor budgets and sales goals, to ensuring Stores Leaders have the right schedules and daily action plans to achieve the sales goals with the labor they were provided, Blueday helps each function that impacts store labor spend make the best decisions.  

Reduce the time it takes to diagnose and overcome risks  

Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite helps the Stores organization reduce the time to organize, analyze, interpret and acton their data. Blueday’s forward-looking insights diagnose the issues causing missed sales and wasted payroll, such as schedules that don’t have the best sellers on the floor during peak selling times, and shifts that have consistently missed goals. The suite also provides recommendations on the best way to coach stores and associates to overcome those risks. 

Create a consistent approach to optimize store labor spend across the fleet 

Blueday provides a central source of information and best practices to ensure that HQ and individual stores share the same methodology to optimize their store labor spend. This consistent approach leads to more effective conversations on how to improve performance, a unified approach on how to interpret and act upon data, and peace of mind that store payroll isn’t wasted.  


Retail operators don’t lack data; they’re inundated with report after report. Whether your team uses a sophisticated business intelligence system or a collection of Excel spreadsheets, it’s likely that your employees are challenged to find the time to pour through the data, interpret it, and find the golden nuggets which will help the organization. This is not the way to use data to improve your business. Instead, switch from data overload to data-driven actions.

Using the power of AI, Blueday crunches a retailer’s troves of data in real-time and finds the relevant patterns to drive action at the speed and detail of retail. This creates a powerful, data-driven approach to store labor that’s tailored to each store and responsive to changing conditions.

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your store teams by getting the most from store labor expense, an AI-based solution that optimizes and synchronizes all three components of labor spending – budgets, schedules, and daily execution – is essential.