COVID-19 has changed the game in retail. Store Leaders are being faced with the daunting task of executing safety and fulfillment tasks with a smaller team, without missing-out on reduced sales opportunities. The margin of error between success and failure has never been so small, and the need for Store Managers to run their store like a business has never been more important.

Trusted by leading retailers, Blueday gives Store Managers and Shift Leaders the tools to strategically manage, and respond to, the unique circumstances of their store. With Blueday’s AI, Store Management gets a clear and concise understanding of how to create schedules and daily action plans that drive sales by improving the efficiency, decision making and agility of their team. By having these tools, stores have experienced greater than 5% increases in sales and given Store Managers six hours of their time back weekly. 

Learn how Blueday gives Store Managers the tools to drive maximum results from their store payroll.  

Create sales driving schedules in minutes  

Blueday’s Intelligent Scheduling tool enables Store Managers to easily create great staffing schedules. By harnessing advanced AI, Blueday can optimize labor hours across a week or a day, matching traffic opportunities with shifts that align to a retailer’s operating practices. Blueday goes further, ensuring that Store Managers schedule their best people during peak selling times, all while aligning with availability and labor constraints (such as maximum number of hours for part-time and full-time employees, minimum coverage levels, or break needs). The ability to strategically create schedules also gives Finance and Retail Operations peace of mind that Store Managers are best using the labor budgets they’re provided. 

Design and execute daily action plans that are adaptive to the changing conditions of the store day 

Blueday’s Dynamic Store Management tool gives Store Managers and Shift Leaders forward-looking insights to strategically manage the circumstances of their day. With Blueday’s AI, Store Leaders get a clear and concise understanding of the key strategic activities that need to be done throughout the day, employee performance trends, and how sales are performing versus goal. Dynamic Store Management also helps Store Leaders proactively manage specific risks to sales goals, such as slippage in basket size, sagging conversion rates, and decreased employee performance. The tool spots historical patterns, projects future concerns, and tracks real-time performance in order to make targeted recommendations to help improve struggling stores, shifts, and employees. 

Drive greater accountability with associates and shift leaders  

Blueday provides the data that Store Managers need to understand how effective their associates and shift leaders are in helping stores achieve sales goals. This level of visibility drives greater accountability and more constructive coaching discussions.  


Retail operators don’t lack data; they’re inundated with report after report. Whether your team uses a sophisticated business intelligence system or a collection of Excel spreadsheets, it’s likely that your employees are challenged to find the time to pour through the data, interpret it, and find the golden nuggets which will help the organization. This is not the way to use data to improve your business. Instead, switch from data overload to data-driven actions.

Using the power of AI, Blueday crunches a retailer’s troves of data in real-time and finds the relevant patterns to drive action at the speed and detail of retail. This creates a powerful, data-driven approach to store labor that’s tailored to each store and responsive to changing conditions.

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your store teams by getting the most from store labor expense, an AI-based solution that optimizes and synchronizes all three components of labor spending – budgets, schedules, and daily execution – is essential.