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How Blueday helped a specialty apparel retailer transform to a customer-centric operating model that drove 2% comp growth chainwide

A thousand store, multi-national specialty apparel and beauty products retailer wanted to transition from an operating model that emphasized merchandising and standard task execution to one that made serving the customer their top priority.

How Blueday helped an auto parts retailer turn Store Managers into Business Managers

A 90–store automotive parts retailer wanted to better understand the drivers of performance in each store and – most importantly – equip their Store Managers with the tools to manage and optimize those drivers on a daily basis.

How a European franchise operator used Blueday to establish an operating playbook and leadership bench

A franchise operator with stores across 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East was looking for a solution to deliver a consistent customer-centric operating model across their locations within a brand, and eventually across other brands within their portfolio.

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