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“This is not just another initiative. It really has become part of the fabric of our DNA…it doesn’t just have the potential to bring out the best in our people, but it has even greater potential to change the culture.”

CEO, Specialty Retailer

“A tool to unleash the power of the people…and create an environment where team members feel successful at the end of each day, and have a real sense of accomplishment.”

VP Labor & Operations, Apparel Retailer

“This is a system that is plug and play, and provides insight into our business that I have never seen before in my career.”

Store Manager, Luxury Retailer

“The comments I hear time and again are “it’s about time, this is the missing link we have been asking for for years.”

SVP Stores, Big Box Retailer

“I am fired up. In my 20 years in retail I have not been this excited about a tool that clearly has a huge impact on everything from team member’s performance, to the bottom line sales numbers, and ultimately the customer experience.”

Regional Manager, Apparel Retailer

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