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We are retail experts. Operating as The Yacobian Group for over 25 years, we have helped leading retailers identify missed opportunities, unlock upside potential and increase conversion and basket size in their physical stores. This experience has given us unique, powerful knowledge on how to turn a retail sales floor into a “buying environment” where shoppers want to buy.

The Blueday Store Revenue Management system is the technological embodiment of this expertise.  It is a highly scalable, Saas system that enables retailers to maximize their sales opportunities in every store, for every day, on every shift. Our early results were so powerful that our customers told us that a “green day” wasn’t good enough to indicate how much better they were doing than plan. They needed a new term. They called it – Blueday.


  • Graeme Grant
    Graeme GrantCEO, Blueday

    Graeme has spent the past 20 years applying advanced technology to solve critical retail business problems. He has held leadership positions with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Demandware, and Oracle Retail and has been a key driver of several successful retail-focused start-ups. He helped found CQuotient a predictive intelligence company acquired by Demandware; was an early employee and leader at ProfitLogic which pioneered algorithmic modeling for retail and was acquired by Oracle; and a top executive at Allurent, a groundbreaking merchandising solution for online retailers. Early in his career, Graeme was Director of Digital Convergence for Borders Group Inc., helping link their internet and store channels to better serve their customers.

    Graeme lives in the Boston area with his wife and four kids. He grew up in Canada which explains why he is polite, says certain words with a funny accent, and spends his spare time playing, coaching or watching hockey.

  • Toni Yacobian
    Toni YacobianCo-founder, The Yacobian Group

    Toni has spent the past 20 years working with many of the retail industry’s premier companies to help them drive incremental revenue and measurable profit improvement. Toni’s primary role is to work with the retailer’s senior management team to identify strategic business opportunities, design the appropriate partnership relationships, and ensure delivery of the desired results. She has extensive experience translating strategic objectives into tangible operating activities to ensure effective execution. Toni also partners with functional leaders to help align existing business processes to the desired in-store customer experience.

    As co-founder of The Yacobian Group, Toni has worked with organizations including Ann Taylor, Advance Auto Parts and Staples to help them execute their business strategy consistently across all levels of their organization.

  • Dave Nurme
    Dave NurmeCo-founder, The Yacobian Group

    Dave and Toni have been partners for almost 20 years. Their approach began with a simple concept – people should drive more sales in a retail store. Dave’s challenge – figure out how to make this approach fact-based, actionable, repeatable, and profitable within a large corporation. His early work focused on developing new and better ways to measure, plan, and manage store and staff performance on the retail floor. Next, he led Yacobian’s efforts to integrate this new approach into the way retailers already operate their store channel so that Blueday becomes ‘what they do’, not ‘something else to do’. Now, he’s leading Yacobian’s on-going work to further expand Blueday functions and capabilities.

    Using Blueday, Dave knows that every large retailer has tremendous untapped opportunity to increase sales and profits while simultaneously simplifying daily store operations. He’s looking forward to working with you and your company to ‘make it happen’ in your stores.

  • Weston Gaddy
    Weston GaddyPartner, Radian Capital

    Weston Gaddy is a Partner at Radian Capital, a growth equity firm focused on investing in leading capital efficient business-to-business software and services businesses.

    Prior to co-founding Radian Capital, Weston was an investor in Bain Capital’s venture and growth equity fund. While at Bain Capital, Weston invested in SaaS, digital media and next generation commerce companies including Jet.com, Semantic Machines, Infusionsoft, Kenshoo, Persado, EcoSense, Manicube (acq. by Red Door), TapCommerce (acq. by Twitter), CQuotient (acq. by Demandware) and EDGAR Online (acq. by RR Donnelley). Weston also worked as a strategy consultant for media, financial service, and consumer product clients at Bain & Company and held operating roles at Persado, Greenlight Planet and WisdomTree Funds.

    He lives in New York with his wife Gabby, his daughter Sasha and his Colombian rescue dog Pancho.

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