Cathy Hotka – Principal, Cathy Hotka & Associates


Even before the Coronavirus reached the US, brick-and-mortar retail operators faced fierce challenges from many sides – falling traffic, higher wages, DTCs opening physical retail locations, and e-commerce. On the other side of COVID-19, retail operators will face the heightened challenge of trying to regain sales in the face of less traffic and smaller store teams. 

Listen to Preparing Stores for a New Retail Landscape: Questions to Address in Your Planning Process and get Store Operations Council organizer Cathy Hotka’s insider analysis on the key questions you should be considering when planning for post-COVID-19 retail. Pulling from her experience with NRFtech and NRF CIO Council, along with conversations with today’s retail leaders, Cathy will provide suggestions on how to approach questions such as…  

  • How will the relationship between digital and physical retail change? 
  • How do I rebuild trust with customers and employees? 
  • What will my physical interaction model be? 
  • What services should my stores offer? 
  • How many stores do I need in order to serve a market?