Cathy Hotka – Principal, Cathy Hotka & Associates 
Graeme Grant –  CEO, Blueday, Inc. 

Not that long ago, the key to store success was inventory. All that has changed now that every consumer has a global breadth of inventory instantly available in their pocket!  And yet there is broad recognition that stores are a requirement for future success in retail. Why? Because stores offer a customer experience that online alone can’t match.

The key to that experience is your store staff.  Any consumer will tell you what a difference an engaged and helpful team does for a store’s environment, and any retail operator knows what that means for their top line results!  

Labor is also central to a retailer’s financial model. Across almost every store format, labor is the most expensive item in a store’s P&L.  With falling traffic, retail organizations are constantly asking stores to do more with what they have, and in many cases do more with less. It is a highrisk strategy that can easily destroy the customer experience if cuts go too deep! 

The challenge facing every smart retailer, therefore, is how to optimize labor spend in order to make both the customer experience and financial models work.  

Register for How Stores Can Make Customers and Finance Happy to learn how your stores can deliver the  experience that customers want, while achieving the margin goals Finance demands. During the webinar retail experts Cathy Hotka and Graeme Grant will provide insights on:  

  • What is the role of stores, and store associates, in the age of ecommerce 
  • How stores can drive more sales without adding labor costs 
  • Why store labor optimization initiatives should be prioritized over other investments  
  • How to create a consistent margin driving customer experience across the fleet