Welcome to the June edition of Blueday’s newsletter. This month we’re sharing a roundup of our Spring virtual coffee hours and webinars, where Store Operations leaders and industry experts shared their thoughts on overcoming COVID-19 challenges. We’re also providing a view of the role of stores moving forward, and offering you an invite to our June 17th webinar, 3 Keys for Stores to Do More with Less.

Retailer Perspectives 

Over the past two months, numerous Store Operations leaders and retail experts shared their COVID-19 challenges, tactics, and encouragement during Blueday webinars and coffee hours. Get a recap of their thoughts on our Retail Leaders’ Perspectives page. Read here.

Brick and Mortar’s Next Chapter

Retail Dive offers a breakdown of what brick and mortar retailers need to focus on for the future of their stores. Read here.

3 Keys for Stores to do More with Less

Join us on our June 17th webinar, 3 Keys for Stores to do More with Less, to learn how you can position your stores for success in the new retail landscape. Pulling from their time working with leading retailers, Graeme Grant and Heather Lemoine will provide perspective on:

  •  How to utilize a data-driven approach to drive efficiency, smarter decisions, and agility from your store teams
  • The best way to create schedules which ensure that each shift has the correct time, and associates, allocated to operational, safety, omnichannel and selling activities
  • Creating daily action plans which ensure each member of a shift is positioned to complete tasks and maximize sales opportunities