Welcome to Blueday’s March edition of Winning the Store Day, our monthly roundup featuring the latest retailer initiatives and industry trends. Read below to learn how AI changes the narrative of retail Finance teams, how big brick-and-mortar stores are evolving in the new age of retail, and how Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization tools can help you get the most from store payroll.

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How Finance Can Positively Optimize Store Labor Spend

With the right tools, Finance can transform itself into a positive optimizer of store payroll and be a major driver of store sales. Read here.

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Retailers’ Secret to Success? Evolve.

Macy’s and Nordstrom have marched forward in a time where brick-and-mortar hysteria is heavy. Forbes overviews how the two retail giants are evolving. Read here.

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Get Maximum Return from Your Store Labor Spend

Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization tools help retailers get the most out of their store payroll by providing insights on how to create the right labor budgetsschedule the best teams, and design action plans that drive sales. See how we can help you.