Retailers know that great store teams make a difference.

What if you could easily identify your top performers? What if you could create more over-achievers within your organization?

Blueday’s Store Performance Solution makes it possible.


Blueday uses your data (sales, traffic, scheduling, etc.) to analyze your team’s performance down to the associate level.

From there, the system assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your team based on key metrics, such as conversion and basket size.

Blueday Calendar


Using proprietary algorithms, Blueday predicts future performance by store by day, based on scheduling assignments, projected traffic, and sales trends.

Highlighting opportunities and potential shortfalls, the solution provides practical recommendations to maximize sales.


Blueday turns these insights into concrete action plans your store managers can put to work at the start of every sales day.

We call it the Daily Plan.

Blueday automatically generates a proactive, forward-looking Daily Plan for each store, answering store managers’ key questions: What are my goals for the day? With the team I have scheduled today, am I set up for success? Which associates need help, and in what skills? What are my risks today, this week, this month—and how can I mitigate them?

prescriptive actions


With a custom roadmap to win the sales day, store managers are transformed from task managers into sales managers.

District Managers can easily prioritize their store calls, with rapid insights into store and individual performance, and a clear understanding of risks to the month and the quarter.

Corporate leadership can spot trends, identify exceptions, and optimize labor productivity across the chain.

With Blueday, every employee—from your VP of Stores to your newest sales associate—is aligned around a clear understanding of what it takes to win.


More and larger transactions
Improved customer interactions
Staff performance visibility
Simplified reporting
More manager time on the floor
Better store-day planning

Give your stores the tools they need to win the sales day

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