COVID-19 has changed the consumer and retail foreverTraffic will be lower, traditional services like returns and the fitting room will need to be completely re-thought, and full omnichannel capabilities will be the baseline expectations. Stores must be more efficient, smarter, and agile if they are to survive and overcome the challenges of this new operating environment. 

While it will take time to see exactly what trends emerge from this crisisit is already clear that stores are going to be asked to do more with less. As such, stores can’t afford to waste limited resources, fail to understand what is and isn’t working, or be slow to adjust to improve results. In short, it will be mission critical to have peak performance in every store during every shift. This challenge is not insurmountable, but it requires the right data and tools to help. Blueday shows you how.  

Trusted by over 50,000 users, across 5,000 stores around the globe, the Blueday Store Performance System enables stores to be more efficient, make smarter decisions, and agilely adjust to risks and opportunitiesThe results – time savings, less wasted efforts, maximum usage of labor assets, and a path to long term success 

With your system live as soon as you provide your data, Blueday is the solution your stores need now to succeed in the new retail landscape.

Read below to see how Blueday can help you. 

Increased Efficiency 

The margin of error is so small. Stores can’t afford to fall into traps that damage efficiency such as…. 

  • Broad budgeting allocations that give too much labor to some stores and starve others with upside potential  
  • Waiting for monthly visits from District Managers to understand performance and get valuable coaching 
  • Spending selling hours each day in the back office reviewing conflicting reports and scorecards 
  • Creating cookie cutter schedules that waste labor budget 
  • Losing focus on a shift being pre-occupied by tasks when a customer needs help, or not getting important tasks done when the store is quiet 

Using Blueday, retailers have the tools and data they need to increase efficiency and ensure that no effort is wastedBlueday helps retailers improve efficiency by: 

  • Ensuring each store has enough labor, and labor hours, to complete operational tasks and selling activities  
  • Saving Store Managers time in the planning and schedule creation process, allowing them to focus on executing tasks, making sales, along with coaching and managing their team 
  • Creating optimal schedules in a few clicks 
  • Improving store visits and coaching conversations bidentifying the stores and associates who need the most support, along with the root causes of performance issues  
  • Providing Associates with a clear line of sight into customer patterns along with the tasks and sales driving activities that they need to execute 

Smarter Decisions  

A retailer’s own data holds the insights on how best to guide their own ship. But data spread over numerous reports, scorecards, and dashboards that point to as many potential decisions leads to 

  • Lack of understanding of the key drivers to success  
  • Huge variations from store to store in how data is analyzed, understood and used – if at all – to make decisions 
  • One-size-fits-all approach to goal planning, budgeting, schedule creation, and daily execution planning   
  • Wasted resources 
  • The inability to make rapid changes 

Blueday combines the various sources of data into one responsive SaaS platform that aligns the entire organization on what is working, what is not, and pin-points the root casus. Utilizing the power of AIBlueday combines this historical data to plan forward and identify risks, opportunities, and provide specific actions to take that will drive improvementsThe results: 

  • Proper sales goals and labor budgets for each store 
  • The right schedules that properly allocate budgets to complete operational tasks and achieve sales goals 
  • Identification of root cause factors to improve performance 
  • Daily action plans that map to customer opportunities and utilize each member of the team to their fullest capability to drive results 

Greater Agility  

Understanding performance is at the heart of improvement. But how do you measure performance when your traditional benchmarks – LY Comp, Var to Plan – aren’t relevant anymore? And with the pace of change in the new retail environment , annual, quarterly or monthly timeframes can be too slow to spot problems. Agility – the ability to rapidly respond to changing circumstances – will be the defining characteristic of successful retailers. If retailers don’t have real-time insights into what is working, what is not working, and how things are changing then they can’t be agile 

Blueday is the essential tool every store needs to be agile. With the Blueday Store Performance System, your entire stores organization will be aligned on: 

  • What’s working, and what’s not 
  • What are the root causes of performance issues and successes  
  • Which stores, districts, Store Managers, and Associates are doing it best, and who needs more help 
  • What specific actions need to be taken to improve performance and results given each store’s unique circumstances 

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