Jonathan Kierman – Retail Strategy and Marketing Consultant
Graeme Grant – CEO, Blueday, Inc. 

Labor is critical to a retailer’s financial success or failure. Across almost every store format, labor is the most expensive item in a store’s P&L. As a store’s finances come under pressure, the initial reaction is to cut labor in proportion. But this makes it even harder for a store to serve customers, which will lead to lower sales, and then more labor cuts, thus propelling a self-fulfilling death spiral. The challenge facing every smart retailer is how to optimize store labor spend in order to make both the customer experience and financial models work. 

Listen as retail operations veteran Jonathan Kierman and Blueday CEO, Graeme Grant, discuss how retailers can drive success by getting the most out of their store labor spend. During the recording Jonathan and Graeme will cover… 

  • The key levers of store labor optimization 
  • How retailers are currently addressing the challenge of driving maximum ROI from their store payroll 
  • The future tools and tactics necessary for store teams to succeed in the 2020’s