Tools to Help the Entire Organization Improve the Performance of Every Store

Designed for today’s retail organization, Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite ensures retailers get the most out of their largest expense: in-store labor.

Store associates are a retailer’s most powerful sales asset. They make customers feel confident about their purchase decision. They diligently answer customer questions. They provide insights and recommendations about products. And they humanize a brand, creating a relationship that encourages sales and repeat purchases.

Labor is also critical to a retailer’s financial success or failure. Across almost every store format, labor is the most expensive item in a store’s P&L. As a store’s finances come under pressure, the initial reaction is to cut labor in proportion. But this makes it even harder for a store to serve customers, which will lead to lower sales, and then more labor cuts, thus propelling a self-fulfilling death spiral.

The challenge facing every smart retailer is how to optimize labor spend in order to make both the customer experience and financial models work. This challenge is now easier to tackle with Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite. Using AI, Blueday’s suite has the capacity to crunch mountains of retail data in real-time to find opportunities, risks, and remediation strategies tailored to each individual store. The results are better labor budgets, smarter sales goals, optimized schedules, and in-store management practices that get the most out of the store team.

The Tools to Help the Entire Organization Optimize Store Labor at Scale

Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite provides retailers with the tools to optimize labor spend. The Precision Budgeting, Intelligent Scheduling and Dynamic Store Management tools help Finance, Retail Operations, and In-store Leaders optimize the key decisions – sales goals, labor budgets, schedules, and daily management tactics – that improve store team performance and drive sales. Best of all, the suite ensures that all interdepartmental decisions are aligned, reducing inefficiencies and improving accountability. For example, if Finance increases a store’s labor budget to take advantage of increased traffic, with Blueday, Finance can be assured that the In-store Leaders will use that labor the right way to achieve that goal. Similarly, if store leaders maximize what they can control – conversion and basket size – they can be sure that HQ will recognize that success.

Improve Decision Making with Forward-Facing Insights Built for Retail

Every retailer today wants to make better data-driven decisions. But the traditional approach – new store dashboards – is fatally flawed. However modern store dashboards are, they can only serve up static historical numbers. They do not offer forward-looking insights, nor do they help identify future risks.

With unmatched expertise working with the world’s largest retailers, Blueday’s Store Labor Optimization suite is purpose-built for today’s dynamic retail environment. Blueday’s predictive modeling and recommendation engines provide retailers with the information and actions they need to optimize every aspect of labor spending for every store in the fleet.

Raise Visibility and Accountability Across the Fleet

Blueday gives visibility into which regions, stores, store leaders and teams need the most help, and in which areas. This direct line-of-sight into performance aligns the whole organization on what success means, increases accountability, and ensures you are motivating your top performers and supporting those who need to improve.

Are you serious about improving the performance of your store teams? Let’s discuss how Blueday can help.

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