Strategically Manage Your Stores For Success

The Store Team is central to driving a great customer experience day-in and day-out. But to deliver a great customer experience, Store Managers and Shift Leaders must give their teams direction on how to balance the need to execute routine tasks while keeping their focus on their most important responsibility – helping customers.

To ensure store teams are positioned to deliver the best possible customer experience, Store Managers and Shift Leaders need tools to help them evaluate performance, spot risks, and make real-time adjustments. Blueday’s Dynamic Store Management tool uses the power of AI to do just that.

Win the Store Day with Strategic Management, Not Task Management

Blueday gives Store Managers and Shift Leaders tools to strategically manage the circumstances of their day. With Blueday’s AI, Store Management gets a clear and concise understanding of the key strategic activities that need to be done throughout the day, employee performance trends, and how sales are performing versus goal. They can use this information to balance selling activities with routine tasks, easily planning when these tasks can be done, and who is best to complete them. A store’s best seller shouldn’t be doing an inventory count in the back room during your busiest hour of the shift, but this is a mistake that is often made.

Proactively Manage Risks to Sales Goals

Blueday helps Store Leaders identify, and proactively manage, specific risks to sales goals, such as slippage in basket size, sagging conversion rates, and decreased employee performance. The tool spots historical patterns, projects future concerns, and tracks real-time performance in order to make targeted recommendations to help improve struggling stores, shifts, and employees.

Greater Visibility and Accountability

Blueday gives the Corporate Office more insight into the performance of store teams, from District Managers to In-store Associates, and creates greater accountability across the organization. This ability is key for rewarding top performers and coaching associates with potential.

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