Easily Create Schedules That Best Use Your Labor Hours

Creating a great staffing schedule is essential to delivering a great customer experience. After all, how can stores effectively help customers if their associates are overwhelmed with traffic, or if all their time is focused on tasks? But creating a great schedule is easier said than done. Store Managers need the answers to a number of questions – when are peak selling times, are there certain hours or days where sales have fallen, which associates are able to drive maximum conversion, who is available to work when – and then perform a complex optimization to put all the pieces together.

With a team to manage, fires to put out, and customers to serve, a Store Manager simply does not have enough time to focus on schedules. As a result, the fastest path to a schedule is copying last week’s and pasting it in Excel. That’s hardly an optimized use of a store’s largest expense and biggest sales asset!

Blueday’s Intelligent Scheduling tool enables Store Managers to easily create great staffing schedules. By harnessing advanced AI, Blueday can optimize labor hours across a week or a day, matching traffic opportunities with shifts that align to a retailer’s operating practices. Blueday goes further, ensuring that Store Managers schedule their best people during the best-selling opportunities, all while aligning with availability and labor constraints (such as maximum number of hours for part-time and full time employees, minimum coverage levels, or break needs). The ability to strategically create schedules, also gives Finance and Retail Operations peace of mind that Store Managers are best using the labor budgets they are provided.

Balance Store Labor Hours Across the Day and Week

Blueday identifies traffic fluctuations from day-to-day, hour-to-hour and recommends how to balance labor hours from open to close every day of the week.

Get the Right People on the Schedule at the Right Times

With Blueday, Store Managers can automatically see coverage needs for every day, shift, and hour. The tool also analyzes performance, availability, and employment data to suggest the team members best suited for each shift.

Create Smarter Schedules in Less Time

Blueday streamlines the process of making a smart schedule. Using AI to analyze multiple data sources, Blueday quickly creates optimized schedules and utilizes drop and drag tools to give Store Managers the freedom to make edits to the recommended schedule. The increased efficiency frees up Store Managers’ time to get back out on the sales floor to lead their team.

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