Scott Benedict – Director & Executive Professor, Texas A&M University’s Center for Retailing Studies


Stay-at-home orders and health concerns have helped leery shoppers become more comfortable with researching and buying products online. As restrictions ease, omnichannel will be table stakes for any retailer. But offering that seamless experience requires a cultural shift for many retailers with more collaboration between the stores and digital functions within the organization, along with openness from store teams to adapt to new ways of work. 

Listen to The COVID-19 Imperative: How Store Operations Can Adapt and get Texas A&M University’s Center for Retailing Studies Director Scott Benedict’s perspective on how Store Operations leaders and Store Managers can drive success in post-COVID-19 omnichannel retail. Drawing from his experience working in the and stores organizations for major retailers such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy, Scott provides insights on: 

  • Why omnichannel is now a must for retailers 
  • What this shift means for stores 
  • How Store Operations can foster a productive relationship with e-commerce leaders 
  • How to train store teams to deliver an exceptional omnichannel experience 
  • How store managers and shift leaders can integrate e-commerce related tasks such as store fulfillment or webrooming into their daily and shift plans 

About the Presenter: 

Scott Benedict is the Director & Executive Professor for Texas A&M University’s Center for Retailing Studies, driving the strategic mission for the Center via collaboration with retailers and industry analysts. Prior to joining Texas A&M, Scott held General Manager level roles with Walmart,, Sam’s Club,,, and Groupon. Learn more about Scott.