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Labor is by far the largest controllable expense for a store. So creating the right schedule is a critical factor in store successBut it is easier said than done, especially when there is time pressure to get back on the sales floor Building a great scheduled requires knowing: 

  • When are peak customer times across the week? 
  • Are there certain hours or days where sales have lagged even when customers are there? 
  • What is the best mix of associates for each day and shift? 
  • Which associates are best at which roles? Selling? Operations? Merchandisingetc? 
  • How much time should I devote to selling, merchandising, fulfillment, and cleaning activities each week, day, and shift 
  • Who is available to work and when? 

With a smaller team to manage and more tasks to complete, a Store Manager simply does not have enough time to focus on answering all these questions and turning them into an optimal schedule. As a result, the fastest path to a schedule is copying last week’s and pasting it into Excel. That’s hardly the best way to allocate the largest operational expense a store has!  

That’s where Intelligent Scheduling helps. Intelligent Scheduling provides Store Managers with the tools they need to create the right schedules in minutes. The results – key activities are accounted for in the schedule creation processthe right amount of labor is balanced across selling and operational tasks, labor budgets are maintained, and each shift is best positioned to achieve success. 

Read below to learn how Intelligent Scheduling helps Store Managers create schedules that drive efficiency, smarter decisions, and agility during each shift.   


Intelligent Scheduling saves Store Managers time and hassle to create an optimal schedule. All the required data is at the manager’s fingertips and advanced optimization features help create a schedule in minutes. Automatically accounting for all your business practices (e.g. we give a 15-minute break, every 3 hours) and constraints (e.g. part-time employees can’t work more than 30 hours a week), Intelligent Scheduling ensures that each shift is positioned to operate at maximum efficiency. Within a minutes, and labor budgets, a Store Manager can create a schedule that  allocates the right amount of labor to selling and operational activities, and automatically schedules the right associates for those activities each shift based on skills and availability

Smarter Decisions

At its core, Intelligent Scheduling is about using all the available data to make better decisions about your largest expense! By harnessing advanced AI and forecasting, Intelligent Scheduling optimizes the schedule for key selling periods, as well as balancing the right amount of labor, and specific Associates, to dedicate to selling, operational and omnichannel activities.


Like all of Blueday’s capabilities, Intelligent Scheduling helps Store Managers rapidly respond to changing conditions. Which shifts are underperforming, and which should have more potential? Do I have the best people acting on my best opportunities? Are there opportunities to save labor hours when the store will be quiet? Even small adjustments in how a manager uses their largest expense can be the difference between a store that makes a profit and one that does not. Intelligence Scheduling is an essential tool for any store organization to manage the rapidly changing operating environment.

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