Because Improving Store Team Performance Is Critical 

Even before the Coronavirus reached the US, brick-and-mortar retail operators faced fierce challenges from many sides – declining traffic, higher wages, DTCs opening physical retail locations, and e-commerce. Although associates provide stores with the key differentiator over competitors and online platforms, many retailers treat labor as an expense rather than an investment, often cutting it to achieve margin goals.

A better approach is for retailers to treat their store labor expense like an asset  strategically understanding when to pull key levers to ensure maximum return.

A retailer’s own data holds the insights on how to best optimize store labor. In order to do this well, store leaders will need to identify the right data, organize it, interpret it, find patterns, and then make the best decisions to create the right labor budgets, schedules, and daily action plans needed to drive sales. That’s where Blueday helps.

Blueday’s SaaS Store Performance System gives the entire retail organization the tools they need to improve their stores performance with more efficiency, better decisions, and increased accuracy.

Deep Expertise Serving Retailers

Blueday traces its origins to The Yacobian Group, a firm with extensive expertise in helping retailers optimize the in-store customer experience. Thanks to this history, the Blueday team is stacked with industry veterans who have embedded their knowledge into the Blueday Store Performance System.

The product team has worked hand-in-hand with retailers to create a game-changing suite of tools solely focused on improving store performance. This is not a software solution adapted from another industry and tweaked to fit retail. It is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of store operators like you.

An Organization-Wide Approach to Using Data to Improve Performance

The best approach to improving store performance is a unified one. Blueday provides a centralized suite of tools that helps Finance, Retail Operations, and In-Store leadership improve the performance of store teams. From Store Managers to HQ, every level of the organization has the visibility and information necessary to help each store win every hour, every shift, every day.

An AI-Powered Suite That Delivers Recommendations, Not Just Static Data

Whether your team uses a sophisticated business intelligence system or a collection of Excel spreadsheets, it’s likely that your employees are challenged to find the time to pour through the data, interpret it, and find the golden nuggets which will help the organization. This is not the way to use data to improve your business. Instead, switch from data overload to data-driven actions.

Using the power of AI, Blueday crunches a retailer’s troves of data in real-time and finds the relevant patterns to drive action at the speed and detail of retail. This creates a powerful, data-driven approach to action planning, execution, and optimization that’s tailored to each store and responsive to changing conditions.

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your store teams by making them more efficient, smarter, and agile, an AI-based solution that optimizes and synchronizes all three components of labor spending – budgets, schedules, and daily execution – is essential.

If you’re serious about improving the performance of your store teams, let’s talk.

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